The Fundabot Trading System

How Can The Fundabot Make You A Successful Trader

Everyone is searching for the holy grail of Forex trading and I hate to be the one to tell you this but there simply isn’t one.

Then why am I promoting yet another system that doesn’t work and why are you interested in paying for it? This is different and I am sure you have heard that one-liner before but hear me out here before you pass this off.

I have been trading Foreign currency now for well over 10 years, not all those years have been successful and I wouldn’t claim them to be either. However the last 5 years have been very good to me not because I finally found the holy grail but because I started to realize that the markets where nothing more than a living breathing representation of all the traders out there trading the same markets as me. The market is both unpredictable and completely random to a certain extent.

After seeing the markets in this way I started to get educated in Fundamental trading. This is the concept of using data, just like the Central Banks do, to analyze a countries economy and shift monetary policy to keep the wheels of the economy turning and growing. It is these shifts in monetary policy that give a currency an overall direction.

“You may have heard the term the trend is your friend” this is quite true in most cases but not to the extent that you can just place random trades in the direction of the trend and expect to be successful. The market is full of bumps and dips and unexpected turns that can clean a trader out very quickly if they are not careful.

Over the last 10 years I have fine tuned my technical strategy and had it written into an EA(trading robot). Now all I do it tell it the direction I want to trade and put it on the chart I have analysed to be fundamentally a great trading opportunity. The results have been explosive. I made 80% on my account in the first 6 months. but if that doesn’t impress you the fact that I only had 11.69% draw down certainly should. That means on a £1000 account I would have made £800 with only risking £110. Ask any professional trader and they will be amazed by those results.

Anyway I am so confident that you are going to love this trading system I am going to let you try it for 31 days for FREE!

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