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The TripleSystemEA is not just a simple Expert Adviser but a complete trading system that covers three different aspects of trading.

The main body of this system has a breakout strategy which delivers excellent profit from the Default settings, however stop loss, take profit and trailing stop loss can be set by the user to maximise market gains on different currency pairs.  The second strategy is also very profitable on the default settings and can be run on complete automation, but for the experienced trader it is a whole lot more. Once a trend is established the EA will maximise profit on the trend by entering trades on pull back areas of support and resistance. Again there is adjustable stop loss settings, trailing stop loss and take profit. The third strategy is a scalping strategy that scrolls the market for quick pip opportunities, perfect for a consolidating market or again it can be run on automation for continuous profit.

What makes this system unique is the diverse Martingale strategy which if implemented by the user can produce much greater profits; there are also safety features to stop your account being blown such as MaxLotSize and maximum number of trades. All round this system can be used on complete automation or as a trading aid to deliver top profits from many assets.


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