BOAFX Funbdabot Semi Auto EA


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The Fundabot Semi Auto trader is a unique semi automated trading system that requires a small amount of the users’ time each week to initialize the fundamental direction of selected currency pairs.
The Fundamental analysis comes straight from our professional trader team that closely analyze the markets looking for trading opportunities through global, political and monetary policies all over the world.
Most successful traders analyze the market in this way in one form or another to give an overall direction that they can then apply to technical trading strategies. It takes years to learn the ins and outs of what makes a currency strong or weak in any given time of the week or month. Everything from a countries GDP, CPI, PPI, Wage growth and unemployment are just a few things our team of analysts look at for signs of a trading opportunity. The beauty of the World Forex Club Semi Auto trader is all this work is done for you and the technical strategy is formulated on years of manual trading experience to bring you entry points, take profit levels and trailing stop losses all set on complete automation.
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